The growth of the use of the technology in the companies has created new challenges, one of most important is like assuring the security and trustworthiness the data.

 Scorpion Computer Services can help it in diverse aspects of physical security as much as logical, in areas like the following ones:


Design and implementation of local networks (LAN)

Design and implementation of private networks (VPN)

Design of policies of logical security of data

Implementation of security by means of firewalls

Integration internal mail

Systems of security and performance

Design of automatic backup systems


If your company is connected in network, serious dangers  exist that a user can  enter or damage the internal network or extract confidential data, we provide the advanced policies to make the network more safe and stable. We also  implemented private networks (VPN), in where ypur company uses the infrastructure of the Internet like an extension of your private networks,  the price of the costs of telecommunications is lower and with the total confidence that your information remains confidential.

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