Information Systems



In Scorpion Computer Services we are compromised with the success of your businesses. For that reason, we use a mythology of work  that allows us to give powerful applications to fullfill the highest standards of quality and to totally satisfy the expectations of the users. To have this mythology of work, means that the companies receive applications clearly defined in their utility and functionality, lists to fortify the internal and external enterprise processes intelligently.



For our organization, it means to strengthen the ways towards the national certification in the development of Computer science Solutions for our clients, through processes durations and clear objectives, that they assure that the totality software - conceptualizado, designed, refinad and implementes, after manifold and progressive improvements are given within the agreed  time and the budget.



To have this mythology, makes it possible for a deep and reasoned interdisciplinary work, of the team of professionals who determine the cases of use for each application. These cases act like the wire through all the stages of creation of the solution, because they define the actions of the user, the behaviors of the application, the necessities of the client, the parameters of operation of our client and how it interacts with other programs installed in the computers.


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