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Simple, we had a meeting to know what the company needed and the rest is history, Scorpion Computer Services prepared the Website, Enterprise CD and Presentation for us....
Scorpion Computer Services
We invite you to consult with us, there is  no commitment, the different plans that we offer and to study which one adapts more to your necessities.

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Scorpion Computer Services is a company diversified in the area of computer science, our services are oriented to the autoimmunization of your company, with the purpose of helping them to obtain satisfactory results thru specific programs and facts to the necessity of your company.

Computer science is integral part of any visionary company that wishes to compete at the highest levels, thus to be always a pace in front of the competition, power to serve better its clients and to be able to anticipate opportunities that others did not perceive.

The objective of Scorpion Computer Services is to offer our clients quality of service in attention to your equipment, responding opportunely to your requirements  and guarantee the operation of your  equipment with greater efficiency.

It is also to offer our prospectos and clients consultant's office in projects that give solution to their necessities of data communication.

Specialized in:

Analysis and Design

Web Design     

Information Systems


Technical Support

Graphics Design

Security Cameras




Virus Removal

Software Installation

Hardware Installation

System Tune Up

Internet Cafe


Remote Access

Data Recovery

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