Supported in a development methodology, in the knowledge of the languages and platforms leaders in the market, and the analysis of the new opportunities that offer the software and hardware of computer science, Scorpion Computer Services, assures the delivery of  products and services that satisfy the expectations with our clients in functionality, design and costs.

In the area of computacional Consultant's office, we offer the client a complete support in the Sale, Supervision and implementation of Administrative Software. We establish controls and policies for the correct operation of the Present Systems and advised in the acquisition of equipment and programs, or, in the installation of developed Software to size.

We offer Consultant's office and Qualification to all the personnel with direct or indirect relation to the Systems of Calculations, Evaluate and Audit the controls and forms of operation of your company.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to advise you in different platforms :

Windows         Windows 2008 Server       Local / Wireless Networks

Software         Remote Communication     Web Design


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